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    Welcome to Twin Ports Division of the U.S. Navy Cadets. The Navy Cadet Corps. is a national, non-profit, that is chartered through the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy League, for training Cadets AGES: 13-18, the same skills found out in the fleet, at the reserve and active duty level. Since the Navy Cadet Corps. is sanctioned by the Department of the Navy and Secretary of the Navy, the USNSCC is recognized as a military entity, in which, cadets wear the same uniforms as active sailors. Cadets are not obligated to join any branch of the military after a successful completion of their enlistment in the Corps; however, if they choose to join the military, they will be eligible for advancement after completing Recruit Training. The first 3 ranks they achieve in the Corps.(E-1 to E-3) are their ranks if they choose to go active in the Navy or Coast Guard. All other branches are normally E-2, due to the differences in the non-maritime services. If a military path isn't desired after successful completion of their time in Twin Ports Division, college scholarships can also be attained through the Navy Cadet Corps.

     Our sailors are taught values they will use the rest of their lives such as Honor, Courage and Commitment in an environment that is reinforced by discipline. We drill one weekend per month, year round, and all cadets must attend at least one two week training (TWT) per summer, which is the Navy Reserve standard and format. Two week trainings cover many career fields from seamanship, fire fighting, aircraft ground school, music, Navy SEAL and SEABEE (Construction Battalion) just to name a few. The Navy is a unique branch because it has the most jobs that transfer to the civilian world since ships are their own floating, self-sustained cities. Any job that there is in the Navy, it is safe to assume that there is a training for that field in the Cadet Corps. Cadets will train with Active Duty Military personnel of all branches to enhance the Military experience and to properly train cadets on the military way of life. Simply put, this is the most accurate Navy program out there. We tell parents and prospective cadets coming into this that this is the Navy, legally as it can be made due to the cadets not yet being 18! If you think about it, on average, there are only 1-3 years of age separation between our sailors and active duty sailors. Being a former Navy Cadet myself and active duty Navy, the only difference that I've seen between this and active duty is just the age of the people serving. Other than that, I have seen no difference.

 If you are interested in learning more about the Naval Cadet Corps. or our unit, click on the "JOIN US" link to learn more and to contact our Public Affairs Officer. Thank you for your interest in our unit.


                                                                                                                      Ltjg. Davan Scott, Commanding Officer
                                                                                                                      Twin Ports Division

-"America's Youth Serving Their Country"

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