U.  S.    N  A  V  Y    C  A  D  E  T  S

Become a Sponsor

     Eventhough the cadet corps is through the Navy, the cadet corps and Twin Ports Division alike, are in need of local companies and citizens to help us achieve our financial goals. The funds you provide will go directly to training our sailors and improving our command. All sponsors will receive a brief or report on how and why we need or use the funds you provide. Before you become a sponsor you may contact us or attend a drill day and see our division in action. You may also set up a time to meet with our officers. We can also perform services for your company on the return end. We thank you for your interest in helping us improve our unit for our sailors and ask that if you would like to help, please read below.

Color Guard: This is a military ceremony in which 4 or more cadets present the U.S. Flag and the unit flag which can be substituted for your companies flag if you have one available. Color guards are a very formal and impressing way to start any special ceremony or event.

Cost: Contact unit for details

Community Service: Our unit may be able to assist you or your organization in any form of community service. If you would like to ask if our sailors can help you or your organization please contact our unit. Examples:

* Shipboard preservation/maintenance

* Assisting in events

* Parades

* Community involvements

* Official ceremonies/ Side Boys

* Veteran affairs

* Fire prevention

* Security standby for events

* Medical Standby for events

Cost: None, however, if you could make a donation to the unit, we ask that you do so.

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